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Sage N Thangs

Fresh Dried Rose Petals

Fresh Dried Rose Petals

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Fresh Dried Rose Petals

Looking for a little something extra to add to your love spells and rituals? These SAGE N THANGS Fresh Dried Rose Petals are perfect! Hand-picked from our botanical garden and carefully dried, these petals are full of intent and love. Rose petals have a long history as a symbol of love, and are known to attract compassion, friendship, happiness, and prosperity. They can also be used in various ways, such as making rose tea (which has numerous medicinal benefits) or adding them to spell or ritual fires. Whatever way you choose to use them, these SAGE N THANGS Fresh Dried Rose Petals are sure to add some extra positive energy to your practice.

ATTRACT LOVE: Roses have a long history of being associated with love, so what better way to attract more love and happiness into your life than by using them in spells and rituals.

ADD POSITIVE ENERGY: Burning dried rose petals is said to add positive energy to any spell or ritual, so if you're looking to manifest more love and happiness in your life, this is a great way to do it.

ROSE TEA: Rose tea is also full of medicinal properties that can help with things like inflammation and regulating menstrual cycles.

So if you're looking for a delicious and healing way to relax, look no further than Rose Tea from SAGE N THANGS. So what are you waiting for? Make SAGE N THANGS your go-to source for all things magical today! 

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