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Sage N Thangs

Yerba Santa (Holy Herb)

Yerba Santa (Holy Herb)

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Yerba Santa (Holy Herb)

Introducing Sage & Thangs Yerba Santa (Holy Herb), the perfect way to attract love and friendship while banishing negative energy! Our Yerba Santa (Holy Herb) stick is rich with compounds that activate receptors in your brain, helping to reduce stress and elevate mood levels. Light our sage stick in your home to exile negativity and invite in positivity, enhanced by the natural floral scents. Our Yerba Santa (Holy Herb) is ideal to burn during love spells or self-love rituals, or whenever you need some healing for your Heart Chakra. For centuries, people have used sage burning as a way to rid of bad spirits and cleanse spiritual locations.
ENERGY BALANCING: Enhance the potency of your smudge stick by adding a pinch of this herb to it. Cleanses negative energy, and encourages creative energy

CLEANSES NEGATIVE ENERGY: Grown on private land in the mountains of Northern California, Our Yerba Santa is carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants. Use as an alternative to sage for purification and protection rituals.

PROMOTES CREATIVITY: The aroma of this holy herb promote creativity and enhance one's ability to get in touch with their intuition. It helps you feel more connected with your higher self and guides you towards making decisions that are aligned with your highest good. Great for meditation!
Join this ancient tradition with Sage & Thangs Yerba Santa (Holy Herb), and experience the power of positive energy in your life!

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