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Sage N Thangs

Catnip Attraction Oil

Catnip Attraction Oil

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Catnip Attraction Oil

Looking for a little extra magic in your life? SAGE & THANGS Catnip Attraction Oil is just the thing you need! This potent oil is handmade with fresh, picked herbs and flowers, for the highest possible potency. It's perfect for love spells, protection rituals, or any spell involving attraction.
Catnip is sacred to the Egyptian goddess Bastet, and has been used for centuries in magical practices. The oil can be used on yourself or another person, and is sure to attract good luck and blessings into your life. So don't wait - pick up a bottle of SAGE & THANGS Catnip Attraction Oil today!

HANDCRAFTED: This potent oil is handcrafted with fresh-picked herbs and flowers, slow-cooked for maximum potency.

PERFECT OIL: It's perfect for any spell or ritual involving attraction, whether you're casting it on yourself or someone else.

CATNIP OIL: Catnip is sacred to the Egyptian Goddess Bastet, and has long been associated with love and good luck. So why not use it to attract blessings into your life?

USES: This fragrant oil can also be used for protection while sleeping, or to attract good spirits into your home.

So don't wait any longer, make SAGE & THANGS Catnip Attraction Oil a part of your magical toolkit today!

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