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Sage N Thangs

Crown Chakra Candle

Crown Chakra Candle

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Crown Chakra Candle

If you're looking for a divine way to protect your energy and aura from negative influences, our Sage & Thangs crown chakra candles is the perfect solution! Made with premium organic wicks, cinnamon sticks, sage leaves, and frankincense, these candles have been cleansed with Florida Water and charged by the Full Moon to strengthen the protection barrier around you. Each candle is hand-poured with love and light, and makes a perfect addition to any self-care routine. Our Crown Chakra Candle contains potent healing crystals that will amplify your energy, magnetize abundance and wealth, and heighten your spiritual enlightenment. Experience self-care like never before with our crown chakra candle!

PROTECT YOUR AURA: Keep your energy and spirit safe from harm with our protection candles. Each one is infused with powerful sage and frankincense, and anointed with patchouli oil for extra protection.

MANIFEST ABUNDANCE: The perfect candle to help you attract wealth and abundance. Our luxurious crystal candle is charged by the full moon to amplify your intentions.

SELF CARE LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Experience the healing power of fragrance with our crown chakra candle. This potent candle contains rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz to help you manifest your dreams.

Experience self-care like never before with our Crown Chakra Candle!

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