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Sage N Thangs

Divine Protection Kit

Divine Protection Kit

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Divine Protection Kit

Introducing the Sage & Thangs Divine Protection Kit! This unique kit comes packed with White Sage that will help clear the atmosphere, allowing you to communicate better with your ancestors. Yerba Santa helps with your heart chakra, promoting calmness . Lavender is known for its ability to calm the nerves and alleviate things like anxiety and depression. Palo Santo is used to draw in positive and creative energy. White Sage is used to cleanse the slate of all energy, good and bad, by releasing it and purifying the environment. Protection candle repels negative and unwanted energies and also aides with strengthening intuition. Get everything you need to make your celebration completes with the Sage & Thangs Divine Protection Kit!

CLEAR ATMOSPHERE: Our Divine Protection Kit is packed with fantastic herbs that will aide clear the atmosphere allowing you to communicate better with your Ancestors!

WHITE SAGE: Helps with your heart chakra and helps you be able to mourn your loved ones and let them go to the new dimension.

DIVINE PROTECTION SPRAY: Overall promotes calmness & good sleep, nerves and rest the mind of uneasiness.

PALO SANTO: Draws in positive & creative energy. Cleanses the slate of all energy good and bad by releasing it and purifying the environment. Repels negative & unwanted energies it also aides with strengthening intuition!


Our Mini Divine Protection Kit features;

A Small Bundle of White Sage used to remove negative energy and our Divine Protection Spray which was put together to cleanse your aura. 

Our Deluxe Divine Protection Kit features;

a Large Bundle of White Sage, Divine Protection Spray, Protection Candle A and Palo Santo. 

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Customer Reviews

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I’m always pleased with the products I get from Sage N Thangs. Their service is above and beyond and it’s a plus that they ship locally and I’m close enough to them for same day shipping. I will continue to shop with them when it comes to any of my spiritual remedies. 💚💚🍀🍀

. Jones
Great Kit!!

simple cleansing kit for less in love thanks 🤎